Alice Pierce
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Ian (Father)
Barb (Mother)
Nica (Aunt)
Sarah (Grandmother)
Birth: 2008
Portrayed By: Summer Howell
First Appearance: Curse of Chucky

Alice Pierce was the owner of Chucky in the sixth installment of the series. She's the daughter of Ian and Barb, Nica's niece and Sarah's only grandchild.


Only until the end came, Chucky had tried not once to hurt Alice. For the moment, during most of it, he manipulated her to keep his little secret that he was alive. She was very oblivious to the real horrors that Chucky was doing to her family.

Alice's Ultimate Fate

Her fate is left unknown, as she was last scene participating in Chucky's game of "Hide the Soul". However, she does count as surviving the ordeal along with Nica, as her grandmother is seen recovering from a plastic bag over her head, implying that she saved Alice.


  • Though she wasn't as heavily manipulated, she is the first girl that Chucky uses and lets know of his secret. Since throughout the series Chucky only had picked males to know his secret i.e Andy and Ronald.
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