Barb Pierce
Barb Pierce.1
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Ian (Husband)
Alice (Daughter)
Nica (Sister)
Sarah (Mother)
Portrayed By: Danielle Bisutti
First Appearance: Curse of Chucky

Barb was the oldest daughter of Sarah, Nica's domineering sister, and is Ian's wife. However, she had an affair with the nanny Jill, meaning she is either a lesbian or is bisexual.


Though Barb may not remember, many years ago her parents were acquainted with Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky. Her family had no idea they were meeting with the famous Lakeshore Strangler and that he had developed a dangerous fixation on her mother; unfortunately for her family. At a young age, Barb's father was murdered by Chucky and while she was at school, her mother was kidnapped by him. Though it was possible he intended to kidnap Barb to complete his "family". He was halted by police, after her mother escaped his imprisonment. But at a price, during his escape Chucky stabbed her pregnant mother for rejecting him. This caused her sister Nica to be born paraplegic.

It appears Barb knew nothing of what happened to her mother or if she did she had forgotten it/or didn't mention it. Nor did it ever appear if she knew how Nica became disabled. Not much is known about her and Nica's family life. Its most likely Sarah raised as a single parent. At some point she met Ian and the two married and had a daughter, Alice together.


During the night, Barb found Alice missing. She wandered the house hoping to find her and went into the attic. There she found Chucky. Barb discovered a knife by Chucky and placed him and the knife down while she is looking for her daughter.

She turned around and saw Chucky on the shelf behind her but he looked different. She notices that his face is wrong and she began to peel of the latex strips. To her surprise, she finds scars on Chucky’s face. She put her finger near his mouth and he almost bites and goes for it, and she jumps back. He says “You have your mother’s eyes- and they were always too FUCKING CLOSE TOGETHER!!!!” and then stabs her in the eye and pulls it out.
 Due to the loss of blood she dies trying to walk up to the door.


  • Her full first name is "Barbie", as revealed when Nica called to her from the bottom of the stairs.
  • It appears she remembers nothing of what happened to her father, nor does it appear that Sarah ever told her daughter of the ordeal that she suffered through.
  • She may had been targeted because she resembled her mother. As Chucky was almost calm (or close as he can get) when he saw Barb had Sarah's eyes. This fueled his rage as he gauged her eye out.
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