Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray.1
Known Aliases: Chucky, Lakeshore Strangler
Gender: Male
Location: Hackensack, New Jersey
Birth: January 15th, 1950
Death: November 9th, 1988
Portrayed By: Brad Dourif
First Appearance: Child's Play

Charles Lee Ray, also known as the Lakeshore Strangler, is Chucky's original human form.


Charles was born to a Irish-American mother, who came from a wealthy family, but also worked as a bartender and dancer. His father was an Austrian immigrant father who was an alcoholic and would frequently abuse Charles and his mother.

Child's Play (1988)

Charles is seen running away from the police, but was shot and killed by Detective Mike Norris. Before he died, he used the Heart of Damballa to transfer his soul to a Good Guy doll.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

With the fingerprints of Charles seen at recent murders, the police plan to excavate his corpse to find out what is going on. Before the coffin is opened, Chucky arrives with Jade to retrieve the Heart of Damballa around his neck.

Curse of Chucky (2013)

Before the events of the first film, Charles had a double life as a serial killer and a regular civilian. At one point, he is introduced to a pregnant lady named Sarah, her husband, and their youngest daughter Barb.

Not much later, Barb's father dies, victim of drowning. After that, Charles becomes increasingly obsessed with Sarah and about taking her husband's place. It's strongly implied that Charles was the one responsible for Sarah's husband's death.

Soon, Charles' obsession increases, and intending not to let Sarah go, he ties her up on a bed inside his safe house, while his accomplice Eddie awaits in their van, outside. However, much to Charles' surprise, a bunch of police officers surround his safe house. Feeling betrayed by Sarah, since she was the one who managed to call the cops before he arrived, Charles stabs her in the belly, hitting the baby inside and injuring its spine, causing Nica to eventually be born paraplegic. Right after, Charles runs from the cops, intending to reach Eddie so they can escape, but Eddie drives away before Charles can reach him. Soon, he realizes that he is now being pursued by Detective Norris.

Known Victims

  • 1. Vivian Van Pelt: Strangulation. Off screen.
  • 2. Sarah's husband: Drowned. Off screen.


  • His name is derived from the names of three notorious killers: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.


Child's Play

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