Ian (Child's play)
Ian (Child's play).1
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Barb (Wife)
Alice (Daughter)
Nica (Sister-in-Law)
Sarah (Mother-in-Law)
Portrayed By: Brennan Elliott
First Appearance: Curse of Chucky

Ian is the father of Alice and husband to Barb.


He, along with his family, would come to visit Nica, after the apparent suicide of his mother-in-law Sarah. He remembered the Good Guy dolls, and was surprised to see Chucky when they visited Nica.

At some point, he became suspicious of his wife being unfaithful to him with their nanny Jill. He installed a nanny cam inside Chucky to get proof of his suspicions. When Jill dies while video chatting with Barb, a power outage occurs. Barb goes to check on Alice, but Ian questions on who she is really checking on, hinting at the nanny cam. As Barb leaves the room, Ian puts in earplugs to tune her out.


When Nica discovers that Chucky is the one committing the murders, she goes to Ian to help find Alice. Skeptical, he wheels her to the garage, then goes back inside to find his daughter, However, upon re-entering, he comes upon Barb and Jill's bodies.

Ian now believes that Nica has been murdering everyone. As Nica uses a hatchet to try to kill Chucky inside the car, Ian returns to the garage and disarms her. With Nica unconscious from a heart attack, he secures her hands to a wheelchair. When she regains consciousness, she pleads that it is Chucky, but he tapes her mouth, and says he has proof and starts to look on his laptop at the cam.

Looking at the nanny cam, he realizes that the murders were indeed caused by Chucky, but it is too late. Chucky pushes into Ian, knocking him to the ground. Chucky grabs Nica's hatchet him in the head with it, taking his lower jaw. He dies from the blood loss.

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