Jill (Child's play)
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Gender: Female
Portrayed By: Maitland McConnell
First Appearance: Curse of Chucky

Jill was the live-in nanny of Alice, and follows the family to Nica's house to  help her settle with her mother's death.

She was seen having an affair with Alice's mother, Barb.


While it is not known when or how long, she and Barb started having an affair behind Barb's husband Ian's back. At some point, Ian grew suspicious, and put a nanny cam inside Chucky to see if his suspicions were correct.


Jill uses Skype to video chat with Barb in her and Ian's room. Barb sees Chucky running in the background, but assumes it is her daughter awake and playing. She tries to warn Jill that Alice is up. However, there is no sound on the computer.

When Jill strips down to her undergarments, she turns around and sees Chucky, holding a knife. He kicks a bucket of rain water over, which touches Jill's feet and the power outlet. This electrocutes and kills her, and causes another power outage.

Her and Barb's bodies are found later by Ian, when he tries to find Alice. Later, when the power cuts on for a brief moment, her body begins burning.


  • Jill had a boyfriend back home.
  • Jill was the first on screen kill by Chucky in this film and third altogether.
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