Sarah Pierce
Sarah Pierce.1
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Ian (Son-in-Law)
Barb (Daughter)
Nica (Daughter)
Alice (Grandchild)
Portrayed By: Chantal Quesnelle

Sarah had become acquainted with Charles Lee Ray in the past. His fixation with her would lead to more than she ever knew.


Many years ago, Sarah was a happy wife and mother with her daughter Barb, with another one the way (Nica). But her happy life would become shattered when she and her husband became acquainted with a man named Charles Lee Ray. She was oblivious to Chucky's infatuation with her, and how it was growing to obsession. His obsession would later come out when her husband is horribly murdered. After her husband's funeral, she's kidnapped by Chucky and he tries to make her his. But she rebuffs his advances and is stabbed in the stomach by Chucky as he tries to escape the police. Because Sarah was pregnant with Nica, his actions cause her to be paraplegic. 

There is no hint that Sarah ever remarried, so she most likely raised her daughters on her own. It appears she never told her children of what really happened to her or their father's death. Nica has been living with her mother for many years. Sarah was most likely Nica's main caregiver.

Years later, Sarah would get a strange package, a Good Guy doll named Chucky. Though both mother and daughter are bewildered by the package, it's not kept. They have the doll thrown away.


Though not shown, in the beginning of the film, she is killed by Chucky in the middle of the night. Nica had awakened to her mother screaming and had discovered her body on the floor. She had apparently "fallen" off the balcony, meaning he pushed her off the balcony. However, after the Charles Lee Ray flashback, it is revealed that Chucky stabbed Sarah through the heart with a pair of scissors.


  • Sarah is the second love interest Chucky's had in the film. 
  • Because he kidnapped Sarah before his death, its never known if Tiffany knew about Chucky's infatuation with her. 
  • It is possible because of their resemblance to their mother, Chucky decided to vent out his rage on the rest of Sarah's family.
  • Technically, as Sarah was the one responsible for Chucky's death as Charles Lee Ray, when Chucky (in doll form) killed her in the beginning of Curse of Chucky, he had avenged his own death.
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